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Lucy Lu


In 2006, after losing my first dog, I started a t-shirt company, as a way to remember her and all my pups. The brand tag on all t-shirts includes a picture of 1 of my 7 pups. Located on the shirt along with your design.

Making tasty gourmet dog treats is an extension of that initial vision. After much research, we have developed treats that are not only tasty and pretty to look at but also good for your dog.

Our long-term goal is to open a Dog Rescue to make sure even the misunderstood pups have a place to call HOME. We hope to offer dog adoption, training, boarding, rehabilitating, massage, reiki and loving all dogs like they were our own. In the meantime,

Welcome to Happy Dogs Only! Enjoy!

In need of CBD Treats?

simply give us a call/email & we can take care of this right away!

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